Despite the Video Assistant Referee drama, Russia delivered a respectable Confederations Cup

“If I do a Russian dance in front of you, you will stop asking these questions,” said Vitaly Mutko, Russian Prime Minister and leader of the Russian Football Union, at the closing press conference of the 2017 Confederations Cup.

Its extension and fury by press reports from the national football team Sbornaya in Russia in doping cases during the last World Cup, which is summarized forcefully the importance of the “Tournament of Champions” through the prism seat. Russia wanted to change the position of its opaque and antagonistic role on the world stage. They have failed to do in 2014 when organizing the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi.

Putin intends to offer an unforgettable and complete spectacle on the shores of the Caspian Sea. And out of a hiccup of opening ceremony, in which five floating snowflakes were transformed into only four Olympic rings, the Russians delivered. But the soft power of sport and the construction of images was approved while Putin was a war odyssey by the invasion of the Crimean peninsula.

The rhetoric of a new Russia – .. “hot cool of His – Sochi Olympic motto, no Winter Olympic Games have not found echo in the international arena and the Confederations Cup has become the. Impression that the country wanted to say and show again.The tournament began with the first match between Russia and New Zealand on an outer corner of the island of St. Krestovsky -Peterburg, once the meeting place of local princes and today An urban recreation area for the rich with breathtaking views of the Gulf of Finland, to the colossal Krestovsky stadium.

The place is a building with low creativity, with all the conditions for a contemporary spectacle of the soccer heroes. This may be a proper carbuncle – seductive in its beauty, but in its poorly disinfected corporativism – to replace a long history of sport in the cultural capital of Russia.

The Krestovky Stadium, a global game palace, has a problematic reputation that – it is a “Klondike” for St. Petersburg leaders, or a “monument to corruption”, exposing levels of corruption among Russian officials – invoices unchanged, breach of deadlines and poor tone. In 2007, construction began, but the arena has exceeded its budget at an estimated cost of 41 billion (£ 567 million).

The stadium has highlighted the model of preparation of the brands that covered the accumulation of the tournament with cost cuts, disputes over transmission rates, fears of violence, ticket sales problems and complaints of workers’ rights. At first, the replay of the World Cup has been made up of many morbid stories, ranging from hooliganism, racism and doping accusations – but Russia has always delivered a respectable eighth edition of the Confederations Cup, with the tournament Which meanders smoothly towards its conclusion with a Germany-Chile final.

Much of football on the screen was a glorified procession to use. In fact, the Confederations Cup is a pilgrim among the international tournaments, not wanted, and maybe do not want either. This event may have been their last edition, but FIFA president Gianni Infantino declined to provide clarity about the future of the Confederations Cup. “At this moment, there is nothing more to say,” said Infantino.

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