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Best IAS Books

On this page, you can find links to books that are free so you can access and read and improve your chances of clearing the role of general studies in the preliminary examination. These IAS books are useful for the preparation of the review and the sector.

These books are available for purchase online. You can buy the books that are mentioned here. However, we advise you to visit the pages of the books before reading suggested you buy these online.

You can print free books and read them at your convenience. With easy, you can also save the processed devices to your phone and iPads. These IAS books can read everything about your trip or the time that you can use for such a free end.

Government reference books. Publishing Division

Download the NCERT Books

NCERT books are reading the preparation should NIC. They are useful both for Preliminaries and the review of the sector. NCERT books can be treated as a guide for the preparation of the UPSC examinations. Its importance has increased significantly with the increase in the number of general documents of the NIC studies sector review. It is advisable to download the CNRT donated books here for most of the topics you will “study in detail the examination of civil services.” However, there are enough to study for each topic in depth and around and you have to rely on IAS books for your Preparation.

Why you should read:

It is difficult to put many things into the context of Indian politics without knowing what it has been, playing with the years. Most of our history books are stopped after one of its chapters on the independence of India. Guha takes the history from there and brings with it modern India, in which we grew up. The book will give you a better understanding of how India has changed since independence and some of the major events that shaped India today.

As it should read:

It’s about 900 pages, let’s not pretend we can end it in a single session. The best approach is to read one chapter per week. Because that’s our goal it’s not just to read the whole book as fast as possible, but remember to read it and then as much as possible. There are some tips to take into account everything you learn, as we have seen.

You should do what you read a chapter this week, then read about the incidents throughout this chapter. Read Wikipedia, read some blogs about it, read newspaper articles on it, think about it. Then make a brief summary of the main memory events/chapter arguments. If you wish, you can send us your summaries of the chapters and we will publish the best – the best summaries (which now – which must be at least 1/4 of the actual length of the next chapter) will receive gift vouchers Roma Amazonas / Flipkart. After this period, the outline of the Chapter With a few key words, this time looking through the current book.

Now get your study partner (Must have one, if not contact us and we can arrange one) or your tutor and chapter to explain that no one – we do not see your keywords notes, and not the book itself!

Do this for each chapter and you will be the Grand Master of modern Indian history for a few months! Of course, if you wish, you can speed up the process and do it by chapter 1 3 days a week instead of – but make sure that each chapter compromise and make it stick!

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