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At JK Business School, we believe that the student-faculty interaction outside the classroom is essential for the students’ academic and personal growth. Addressing the three primary needs of a student – academic pursuit, emotional intelligence and professional skill development—the objectives of the ‘Mentor Program’ are:

  • To provide tcareer and life-coaching to students for their holistic development and achievement of their potential.
  • To inculcate academic excellence in students and provide positive influence to their professional aspirations.
  • To provide shpport to students for conducive adaptation to the environment and inculcate high personal ethics & moral values.
  • To achieve dual objectives of transforming students into successful business leaders & above all good human beings.
  • To carve out positive behavioural changes in students so as to learn to be adaptive.

Each student is assigned to a faculty who acts as the mentor. Each student has at least two mentoring sessions in a month.

Several educational and cultural activities are regularly organised after the lecture hours. To name a few: Quiz Contest, Drama Competition, Singing Competition, Talent Show, Extempore Speech Competition, Debate Competition, IT Quiz etc. Students have ample opportunities to organize and to participate in these activities.

Annual Sports Day, Annual JKBS Foundation Day and Annual Management Fest are also organized & celebrated byJKBS. Clubs and committee meetings ate held regularly.

JK Assessment and Development Centre

The increasing competitive dimensions in global economy are driving the need for advanced competencies and quick performers. To address these needs, JKBS, Gurgaon has set up an Assessment and Development Centre (JKADC) to assess and develop competencies in students for meeting various challenges and handling business situations and their holistic growth and development. JKADC conducts various programs to enhance the competencies and optimize the student’s potential.

Centre’s Activities

  • Competency mapping
  • Competency assessment: Psychometric Profiling; a. Role plays; b. Group Discussions; c. In-baskets or In-box exercises; d. Business presentations and business games and e. Psychometric tools
  • Competency development.

Banyan Tree


The Banyan Tree is a special program that is designed to bring out the passion in students, guide them to perform to their potential threshold and to make payoffs with learnings.

The Banyan Tree is also known as ‘Ashwath Vriksha’ in Sanscrit. It is alternatively also called the ‘Kalpavriskha’ or the ‘self fulfilling divine tree1. The Banyan Tree program has been developed to help students in life and at work, to assist in spreading their wings over large areas of expertise.

Outbound Training: It is an outbound management exercise which focuses on bringing various management concepts like Leadership, Team Building & Development, Risk Management, Planning & Strategizing, Decision Making, Creativity, Interpersonal Relationship, Stress Management, Change Management and Effective Communication.

CEO Forum

JKBS believes that the students must be exposed to the corporate world and hence it holds CEO Forums where Chairmen and CEOs of various companies come and interact with students and share their valuable experiences and learning.

Entrepreneurship Development

JKBS has an entrepreneurship cell which focuses on developing the spirit of entrepreneurship. We encourage students to have entrepreneurial, out-of- the-box thought patterns helping them become entrepreneurs and also effective and efficient .managers.

Corporate Patronage

As part of the patronage, JKBS has a list of reputed companies like Reliance Retail, Bharti Airtel, ITC Wills Lifestyle, Pantaloon Group, JK Tyres, JK Cement, Kotak Securities, Standard Chartered Bank, Taj Group of Hotels, Reliance Money, Escorts, India Bulls, Yes Bank, ONGC, PepsiCo, Shree Cement, JK Tech etc. Apart from these companies, other JK Group companies have also patronized and have been supportingJKBS.


The institution firmly believes that instructors, while teaching, must never lose sight of even a single participant.

Holding this as a priority, the classrooms are specifically designed to provide enough space for instructors to maintain constant engagement and eye-contact. In order to further enrich the teaching-learning process, every classroom has, provisions for specialised audio-visual aids like overhead projectors, multimedia, video and audio equipment. The institute is completely Wi-fi enabled with seamless internet connectivity is available to the students, faculty and staff.

In addition, there are tutorial halls for interaction of groups and for brainstorming over impdrtant academic and extra-curricular activities. Other forms of educational delivery systems and tools like interactive sessions, workshops, seminars, leadership exercises, management games, mock interviews, meetings and role plays are organized at dedicated venues within the campus. For activities like debates, quizzes, guest lectures and theater workshops, JKBS has special infrastructural facilities with modern sound system that uses calculated acoustics and is highly effective in nature. The faculty space has been carefully designed keeping in mind that participants are always welcome to interact with their instructors even after class hours.

Library and Information Centre

The library, known as the Knowledge Resource Centre (KRC), is the heart of the Academic Centre at JK Business School. With its modern collection of information resources and innovative information services, it plays a pivotal role in the intellectual pursuits of JKBS academic community.

KRC holds a rich collection of printed as well as electronic resources which include books, journals, databases, audio-visual materials, CDs, e-journals, annual reports of top companies, case studies, conference proceedings, training manuals etc. The JKBS KRC has good collection of books, selectively chosen for reading and reference. The collection includes resources relevant to teaching, learning, training, research and consultancy needs of the Institute. KRC subscribes to national & international journals and provides access to over 1,000 e-journals through various databases.

Apart from this, the center has also adopted latest information technology mediums like CDs DVDs Multimedia Kits, Bar-Code Scanners, Text as well as Graphic Scanners and Biometric Readers for the convenience of the users.

Services : The KRC various services like reading facility, reference photocopying, video viewing, computerized information search, library orientation program, newspaper clippings, current awareness services, selective dissemination services, new arrival list and inter-library loan etc.

Electronic Library : The e-library provides a single-window access to all the resources subscribed by the Library. Efforts are on to develop a world-class online library system in the area of business information.

Resources : KRC has a wide variety of knowledge resources to support the teaching, research and consultancy activities of the institute like electronic books, Newspapers, Periodicals, CD Databases, Photograph, Albums, Newspaper clippings, EBSCO’s Business Management Data & Corporate Resource Net.


Computer Centre

JK Business School has a state-of-the-art computing facility connected to high speed servers. All the nodes have access to the Internet through a 4 MBPS leased line.

Computer Centre is central place for campus-wide networking and Internet connectivity. Computer centre provides computational facilities to all users in the Institute. Students, staff and faculty from all departments in the campus can obtain accounts on the high end systems.

The main purpose of these centralized computational facilities are to:

  • Provide, update, manage and ensure the satisfactory operation of computational facilities for the students, faculties and departments.
  • Provide IT assistance to various users.
  • Monitoring of the computer network at the Institute, and the management of overall IT facilities for the entire Institute.

Lecture Stalls

The Institute has an admirable infrastructure and modern amenities which aid in conducting a range of academic activities. The lecture halls are air conditioned with modern audio video systems. These are designed to offer complete comfort for the intense hours of the classroom teaching and interaction.

Additionally, there are tutorial halls for interaction in groups and for brainstorming over important academic and extra-curricular activities. Other forms of educational delivery systems and tools like interactive sessions, Workshops, Seminars, Leadership exercises, Management Games, Mock Interviews, Meetings and Role-plays are organized at dedicated venues within the campus. For activities like debates, quizzes, guest lectures and theater workshop, JKBS has special infrastructural facilities with modern audio-visual system.

Auditorium : A centrally air conditioned large auditorium, fitted with an acoustic system and communication network can accommodate about 500 participants. The auditorium provides the perfect ambience for national and international programs.

The space has been carefully designed to promote and encourage participation and interaction with the distinguished speakers.

Sports Facilities : Students are encouraged to the take part in sports. Both indoor and outdoor sports facilities are available in the campus. Special arrangements are also available for sports activities like cricket, football, volleyball and badminton. Several sports and recreational activities are organized in the evenings.

Residency : Air conditioned hostel with all amenities is available for girls and boys separately.

The infrastructure is characterised by a lot of open space to indulge in fun activities posing balance between academic rigor and physical endurance.

Fully Equipped Gymansium: The gym and fitness centre are fully equipped with cardio, weights, and free motion equipment. JKBS also has, walking/running track and expensive landscaped lawns.

Medical Facility : First aid facilities are available in the campus for minor ailments and a doctor is also available on call. A dedicated vehicle with a driver is available for any help 24×7 to the hostel inmates.

Cafeteria : Canteen services are provided within the campus to all the students. Great furnishings and lip smacking delicacies make it a popular hangout for students.

Institutional Accolades

In the journey to provide quality education,

JK Business School, has grown to be one of the best B-Schools of India.

Some of it^prominent achievements are

  • More than 50 visiting faculty members from corporate representing different industries & institutes.
  • 100+ companies targeting to recruit its management graduates every year.
  • Over 100 Management Development Programmes, Conferences and Seminars have been organised.
  • Over 70 research papers published in Indian & International journals and presented in different conferences.


  • Awarded Asia’s Best Emerging B-School (by CMO Asia).
  • Best Management College for infrastructure-2015 Award by Centre for Education Growth & Research (CEGR) in April 2015.
  • Excellence in Education Award by Competition Success Review (CSR) in April

Consistent Top Rankings of the Institute

  • Promising B-School Award (All India) by Discovery Education Media Pvt. Ltd., January, 2013
  • Ranked ‘A++’CategoryB-Schoolof IndiabyBusinessIndia,November,2013
  • Top Institute of India award by Competition Success Review, March, 2012
  • Rated ‘A2’ by Indian Management, September, 2012
  • A+++ Business School Category Award byjust Careers Survey, January, 2011
  • Ranked ‘AAA’ category B-School by B & M’s PAN INDIA Survey, February, 2011 [1]

Beyond Academics

The life at JKBS is full of experiential learning based on activities, be it academics or other events namely the Industry-Academia Meet, the JKBS cultural fest, the Alumni Meet, Freshers’ meet, National Business Games, Industrial Tour and Social Services, sports events etc. To add to these, there are quizzes, debates, music contests, and stock games along with routine classroom activities.

The college festival ‘BREAKING INERTIA’ commences with the Board Room Battle. Other events that follow are: Debate Competition, Role Play, Skit and Sales Gorilla. The second day starts with Ad-Mad Show followed by News Room Spoof and slowly switches towards cultural events like Solo Singing, Solo Dance, Group Dance. Fashion Show and finally concludes with the ‘Mr. and Ms. Inertia contest’. JKBS students participate in various events/days of national & international importance like UNO Day, Teachers’ Day, Non-Violence/Peace Day etc.

JKBS also organizes an Annual Blood Donation Camp. JKBS encourages its students & staff to donate blood, thereby sensitizing them on the importance of saving lives.














































[1]   4th Best B-School in India in terms of Infrastructure by B & M’s Pan India Survey, February, 2011

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