NBA Free Agency: July 2 winners & losers; Nuggets step up with Paul Millsap

NBA Free Agency: July 2 winners & losers; Nuggets step up with Paul Millsap

NBA Free Agency: July 2 winners & losers; Nuggets step up with Paul Millsap

Denver has the largest free agency release Sunday, landing Paul Millsap on a late night romance after the Raptors met early in the day.

In other places Gordon Hayward was well received during his meeting with the Celtics and the FRG Otto Porter received a great offer. Some of the winners and losers of the day:
WINNER: Denver Nuggets
Denver lost several night deals and Blake Griffin with the Clippers got. So he went to Millsap land if the Nuggets were to take a step forward in free agency. And they put in a 3 year contract and $ 90 million with a team option in the third year.

Millsap gives them a veteran All-Star leader who can finish inside, hit from outside, pass, bounce and do all the little things. Not maintained, it offers an excellent work ethic and perfectly shared with Nikola Jokic.

In addition, the Nuggets have to go through what they have in the next two seasons in the roof space, and have maintained a team option for the third year, which gives them a flexibility once they must start paying the younger . This is the Nuggets biggest signing for years.

Yes, they paid a heavy price to support a playoff team. But Toronto has always won three postseason series in two years and has been a steady 50-win team, so the price was quite reasonable.

Kyle Lowry has secured a $ 100 million deal, and every time he makes $ 100 million, it’s a win. However, Lowry – probably the best goalie from the East perspective – is only three years after a five-year maximum deal seemed a block before free agency.

More than anything, this agreement shows the drastic difference between the market and last year’s spending. Teams are booked with any player over 30. Lowry could probably get more of a smaller team, but they wanted him to stay where he was the most successful of his career.

Ibaka has a high price, but once again in a 3 year agreement. Both contracts expire in the summer that DeMar DeRozan resigned in 2020. You can see the writing on the wall.

The Raptors will leave you in the next three years with this core and probably start rebuilding. Will Massai Ujiri be responsible?

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