Rohit Roy: Justin Bieber was chewing gum and drinking water while singing

Rohit Roy: Justin Bieber was chewing gum and drinking water while singing

Actor Rohit Roy, with his 14-year-old daughter Kiara, attended Justin Bieber’s first concert in India at DY Patil Stadium in Mumbai on May 10. Although it is accepted that it was obvious that Bieber read for most of the songs during his concert, the actor also believes that this has not bothered much the Beliebers [fans Justin Bieber]. Many people have complained that Bieber was going to shine and did not really sing. Yes, I was not singing. I mean I was chewing gum and drinking singing water songs, so that was pretty obvious! But it tends to do so in certain songs, which stack with their own voice as a backup, “says Rohit.

Speaking of people who were not satisfied with Bieber’s concert and criticized, Rohit adds: “These criticisms must be people who are over 40 years old teenagers do not care about [Bieber lip sync] .. when they sat on the stage, Through these young fans, and looked directly into the eyes, they were in the seventh heaven, and that is the purpose of a concert like this, “says Rohit.

The actor took his daughter and his friends to the concert and was delighted to see the joy of love after leaving the stage. “Kiara and her friends left the place with big smiles on their faces and they told me it was the best moment of their lives. It was the highlight of the show for me,” says Rohit.

There were many reports suggesting that celebrities had security issues, but Rohit has another story to tell. “I understand that as actors, we need some security, but I do not think that at a Justin Bieber concert, people bother us too much.” Once I got to the platinum section, Mumbai police staff formed a ring [ Around us] and asked me to stay without the worry.A section guard scene said they also monitor the girls.I had no problem and my kids had a fantastic time.The guard gave even the small bottles of water to Do not get dehydrated, “says Rohit.

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