The race to revive woolly mammoths using ancient DNA

The race to revive woolly mammoths using ancient DNA

The race to revive woolly mammoths using ancient DNA

As “Jurassic Park”, what happens if you can use DNA science to resurrect long extinct creatures that once populated the Earth?

Efforts to do so are ongoing.

Directed by Dr. George Church – “the Einstein of our time,” according to author Ben Mezrich – a laboratory at Harvard Medical School working to bring mammoth wool through genetic engineering.
The process is detailed in Mezrich’s new book, “Woolly: The True Story of the Quest to Revive One of the Most Iconic Creatures in History,” published by Atria Books, a Simon & Schuster imprint that is a division of CBS. It is also made in the film.

“The woolly mammoths out of ice.” So the permafrost is slowly warming up the corpses and they carry the genetic material, and they are synthesized and put into the cells of an Asian elephant, so an Asian elephant gives birth to a Shaggy mammoth, “said Mezrich in” CBS this morning: Saturday. ” “So he essentially re-creates the mammoth using his father that still exists today.”

Mezrich compared to permafrost “ring in the world.”
“It’s like a time bomb – it contains more carbon than if we burn all the forests on Earth three times,” Mezrich said.

And these Russian scientists, Zimovs have demonstrated since the 80s if repeating with the herbivores of the Pleistocene era – and using tanks to imitate mammoths and bison laying there – achieved the temperature was decreased by 15 degrees tundra. So the goal is to put a woolly mammoth herd into the siberian tundra permafrost does not melt.

Mezrich said that mammoths help the world from one form to another.

“That is, elephants are not cancerous, which is very strange Elephants have thousands and thousands of cells more than us And why not develop cancer in their genes If we can understand it we can use genetic engineering to solve this type Of cancer, “he said.

The author also referred to the ethical concerns related to this type of genetic engineering practices.

“The idea of ​​playing God, the idea of ​​making a mistake, let something out of the lab, these things are like that, and that’s why you need it for the scientists responsible.” Dr. George Church is an incredibly good person who needs People like that doing this because this box is open.

Pandora’s box of technology is here, “said M. Mezrich.” There are laboratories around the world, wooly mammoths not only, but things that, in 10 years, will have a huge impact. For what we want scientific leaders do that. “

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