Three years after becoming PM, the pradhan sevak has not lost his magic touch

Three years ago on May 16, the people of this country have supported Narendra Modi Damodardas to become prime minister. In response, Modi had described politely as sevak pradhan (main server). Three years later, it is appropriate to ask how Modi was carried out during his term.

The verdict of the people can be interpreted as a report card for most politicians. He did well in this parameter. Whether the smaller civic corps elections in Mumbai and New Delhi, or the assembly polls in Uttar Pradesh, Modi was the face of the BJP. At first, his party has faced defeat in the assemblies of Delhi and Bihar, but in other elections, he put the numbers required for the majority. As you see? Modi became the prime minister in the most audacious leader since Indira Gandhi.

If the talks with China, a lesson to terrorists blooming in Pakistani territory or suddenly decide to stop the movement of large legal tender notes, showed an irrepressible ability to make big decisions. People like it because the world’s largest democracy has discovered that it has the potential to become a powerful nation. That’s why he began to admire strong leaders. Narendra Modi and his colleagues acknowledge.

Modi also knows that many of his promises have not been fulfilled. The impact of Maoist terror has not diminished despite demonetization. Pakistan responded to surgical attacks by mutilating our troops. The stones are back in Kashmir. The pledges of job creation each year rupees million and Rs 15 lakh deposit on each account must still be met. It was expected that the opposition that after the passage of two years, the shadows of unfulfilled promises exude the magic of Modi. Even gross majority enjoyed by Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi was eclipsed by these factors. But the results of the five elections to the assembly cast the hopes of the opposition.

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